Terms & Conditions

Please note that our terms and conditions and our policies are subject to change at any time without any prior notice. To make sure that you are aware of any changes, please review our terms and conditions and policies periodically.

1. Flavors of Rajasthan is a registered trademark and has its operating website at http://www.flavorsofrajasthan.com/. The information on products listed on our website is true to our knowledge. However, the product configuration (such as product ingredients, looks, packaging, pricing etc.) can be altered at any time due to continuous R&D for which you are advised to carry out due diligence before making the purchase.

2. Since logistics in India is still at a nascent stage, hence Flavors of Rajasthan does not assume any responsibility for shipping by our delivery partners. Though we have tied up with the best of logistics service providers in the industry, any delays in shipping is the sole responsibility of the delivery partners. All items purchased from flavorsofrajasthan.com are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.

3. All users of the Flavors of Rajasthan platform agree to comply by the relevant local laws and any breach of local laws by the users will be their sole responsibility and not of Flavors of Rajasthan. All users also agree to comply with the Privacy policy listed on the Flavors of Rajasthan website.

4. Users of Flavors of Rajasthan venue agree to keep their passwords and login ids secure. Flavors of Rajasthan will not be liable for any damage resulting from the user’s inability to safeguard the confidentiality of his account details. Please note that while availing any of the payment method/s offered at Flavors of Rajasthan, Flavors of Rajasthan will not be responsible or assume any liability, whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to you due to: all payments made against the purchases/services on Flavors of Rajasthan by you, lack of authorisation for any transaction, exceeding the preset limit mutually agreed by you and between your "Bank/s", any payment issues arising out of the transaction, decline of transaction for any other reason/s.



As a user of Flavors of Rajasthan (buyer/seller), you are completely responsible for your actions and conduct, which include but are not limited to your data such as profile images, videos, account related and any other data. You further agree that you will not:

1. Post wrong or misleading data on Flavors of Rajasthan
2. Break our patents, copyrights, trademarks or any other intellectual property
3. Break any applicable laws of the Republic of India
4. Defame, threaten or cause any damage to any person to Flavors of Rajasthan or its associates
5. Act in a manner such as to cause any kind of damage whatsoever to www.flavorsofrajasthan.com or its associated online properties.
6. Try to associate any other medium whether online or offline to Flavors of Rajasthan
7. Indulge in any activities whatsoever that may cause Flavors of Rajasthan to break any applicable laws of the Republic of India




  1. Without prior information or notice, Flavors of Rajasthan can change or update any data or any content or media posted on its website or on its associated properties whether online or offline. We can revise any product’s price or discontinue any product or bring in new products without any prior notice. 

  2. Flavors of Rajasthan can also delete any user account if it finds the user to be violating any of it policies. 

  3. Flavors of Rajasthan cannot be held liable for any damage or dispute arising from its actions taken above.



In any unforeseen circumstance, if a user of Flavors of Rajasthan ascertains that he/she has a dispute/conflict with Flavors of Rajasthan or any other associate or a third party associated with Flavors of Rajasthan, he/she agrees to absolve Flavors of Rajasthan and any of its associates from all kinds of damages and demands.



Any media or data listed on Flavors of Rajasthan or any of its properties, whether online or offline, cannot be used anywhere without the prior permission of Flavors of Rajasthan.



  1. Flavors of Rajasthan does not claim ownership of any data or media posted on its website or any other associate property whether online or offline. The content posted by Flavors of Rajasthan or its associates is solely serves the purpose of promoting the products listed on its platform.

  2. Flavors of Rajasthan is not responsible for any infringement of intellectual property rights of any data or media posted on its website or any other associate property whether online or offline.

  3. The intellectual property rights of all the content generated by the sellers or users on Flavors of Rajasthan automatically get granted to Flavors of Rajasthan and Flavors of Rajasthan may use any data item worldwide for its promotional or marketing purpose.

  4. As part of daily business dealings on Flavors of Rajasthan, buyers and sellers will get access to each other’s contact and other personal information. The buyers and sellers hereby agree to use this personal information and the data obtained only for its intended purpose of completing the business transaction on Flavors of Rajasthan. You will not use this information for ay other purpose whatsoever.

  5. Any content posted on Flavors of Rajasthan might get referenced, linked or copied by third party websites. Flavors of Rajasthan cannot be held liable for any damage arising out of the same.