Healthy sweets sound synonymous with Kataria’s fruit based sweets

Healthy sweets sound synonymous with Kataria’s fruit based sweets

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  • 13 December, 2018
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Talk about nutrition in sweets, relish our fruit based sweets. Nutritious sweets sound synonymous with Kataria’s fruit based.

India, being the land of festivities is always high on demand for sweets as a notion of celebration. These Indian delicacies are synonymous with merrymaking and jollification. Whether it’s the ringing of the most celebrated festivals in the land of Gods , like the fiesta of colors- Holi or the gala of lights- Diwali to the day to day wedding ceremonies, promotions, birthdays, baby showers and a lot more.

The only practice of spreading happiness around the nooks and corners is through Mithai.  Indian significance of mithai aka sweets are very massive. Each and every festival is half done and almost scrappy without the serving of this drooling delicacy.

Thanks but no thanks to the fact of India being the diabetic capital of the world giving birth to miscellaneous lifestyle diseases cutting short the consumption of fat rich Indian traditional sweets to shed off the burden of calorie intake.

Is There Any Healthier Solution For Tasty Sweets?

Try out the amazing varieties of fruit based sweets served by Kataria food innovators which are a perfect example of celebration with nutrition and justify the prominent tagline of – “Taste bhi, health bhi”.

The lip smacking varieties of sweets are authentically made from fresh fruits such as jamun, mango, strawberry, litchi, kiwi and a lot more. The fruits are pulped and dehydrated to form such unique and tasty yet healthy delicacies. They come in variety of categories such as fruit bars, fruit rolls, fruit Katlis,fruit samosa and fruit twists serving you with the benefit of multiple fruits in one go. So, it’s a shout out to all the pals with an intense sweet tooth, to just drool over our dehydrated healthy and tasty fruit based sweets.

Our sweets are not the one which will add calories to your diet, rather they will serve you with plethora of fruity nutrients straight from the farm to your plate , so that you can never compromise on your sweet binge without having the fear of work out to shed the extra ounce of calories. They come to serve every taste pallet from sweet to sour to spicy. You name it, you get it! 

Will They Be Available Round The Year?

This is the best thing about our fruit based sweets. You don’t have to wait for your best loved seasonal fruits for a fixed time of the year rather just sit back and relax because , your favorite fruit based sweets such as alphonso aam papad, mango katli, jamun katli, kiwi katli, strawberry katli and many more  are available round the year.

Guess What- It’s free from milk adulteration!

Many a times during the festive season, the market is flooded with adulterated mawa sweet creating a threat in the mind of the buyer. But fret not!

With our range of delicious fruit based sweets, you won’t ever miss a chance to pamper your sweet tooth at the most appropriate festive occasions.

The sweets prepared by Kataria Foods such as fruit barsfruit rollsfruit samosa and fruit Katlis do not compromise with the health and trust of people. They are gluten free, vegan and absolutely rich in nutrients. 

So don’t let your fears compromise with these delicious sweet indulgences and just savour the fruity delights from the house of Kataria Food Innovators.

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