Top 5 sweets/snacks to try on every occasion

Top 5 sweets/snacks to try on every occasion

Whether it’s a festival or any other occasion, we Indians always like to binge and savor on some delicious “on the go” snacks and sweets. A good pack of sweets and snack, serving a variety of eatables and that too in different flavors is always good to gift or to have a good time munching with friends or family.

And what if the sweets are not laden with calories but only healthy nutrients. You heard it right my friends!

Ditch the old traditional sweets and bite into a fruitilicious experience with the dehydrated fruit based sweets from the house of Kataria food innovators.

They are enough to satiate your sweet tooth without being calorie conscious.

Let’s explore what is in their rainbow platter-

Fruit Bars :-

These fruity bars are perfect on the go snack for the lovers of fruit who cannot enjoy their favorite fruits round the year. These bars are available in different varieties made from your favorite fruits like mango, strawberry, mix fruit, kiwi, tamarind and raw mango bars. They are perfect for heart and stomach contentment and can be eaten as after-meal snack, chakhna (bar snack) or can be used as an all time snack to treat the taste buds. The flavor varies from sweet to sour to soothe every eater’s taste pallet.

Fruit Katlis :-

“Forget the old Kaju Katli , try Kataria’s Fruit Katli”

The age old kaju katli is synonymous with celebrations in India. Since its popular among the masses, we at kataria foods have given this age old delicacy a whirl by introducing Fruit based katli for the lovers of sweets. Available in multiple varieties made from natural handpicked fruits such as kiwi, jamun, strawberry, mango, black currant , lychee and many more.

Don’t wait to drool over some of the exciting fruity treats from the house of Kataria’s like orange katlijamun katlistrawberry katli, lychee katli.

Fruit Rolls : -

Don’t forget to roll your eyeballs over our exciting fruit rolls,  a modified yet creative version of fruit bars. They are extremely yummy, irresistable and healthy. These solar dehydrated rolls are amped up with every nutrient of fruit by which it’s made from. Enjoy our Mango Rolls, Orange Rolls without giving a second thought. 

Fruit Samosa :-

Enough of eating fried aloo samosas? Try out our delectable fruit samosa. Yes! You heard it right.

Kataria Foods have come up with an exclusive range of samosas made from fresh fruit pulp. The Mango chatpat samosa and the orange stuffed samosa are worth giving a shot. The upper dried fruity coating of mango fruit and orange fruit with the filling of anardana is going to leave you awestruck about the taste of this fine sweet treat. Its uniqueness defines its beauty and taste. 

Go grab it now!

Flavors of Rajasthan (Masala aam papad)-

“Ye koi aam mithai nahi hai, ye aam papad hai!

Our category flavors of Rajasthan has a lot to offer in the range of tantalizing aam papad ranging from plain ones to the masala ones with ultra Rajasthani tadka. Our interesting range of aam papads include-

Khamma Ghani (Kesar Aam Papad), Pudina Patakha( Pudina aam papad), Satori( kaccha keri green aam papad), Bhannat ( Kaala Aam papad with masala). These sweet savory items are the best to treat your snacking indulgences and are great companion for meals and drinks.

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