Flavors of Rajathan

From the land of sands and the land of kings, we bring you the most exotic varieties of aampapad/ mango fruit leather, a delicacy made from the King of Fruits – Mango. This delicacy is deeply rooted in the history of India and has been one of our favorite childhood snacks. The sweet and spicy relish is available in myriad versions, each unique in shape, flavour and texture, giving us more reasons to go all out and indulge! We offer you with some mouth watering varieties of this nostalgic delight- aam papad which will tantalize your tastebuds.

Aam Papad: A Healthy and Tasty Delight!

Tasty fruity snacks or fruit bars called Aam Papad or Amba Poli in Hindi or Marathi. A sweet summer delicacy, also called Mango Leather in English, us..

Healthy sweets sound synonymous with Kataria’s fruit based sweets

India, being the land of festivities is always high on demand for sweets as a notion of celebration. These Indian delicacies are synonymous with merry..

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